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Live Blog-27-11-2015 06:16

6h30 Wednesday Dec 2: We are still awaiting the final local authority results from the ECN. In the meantime here are the turnout figures we have calculated for the regional council elections:
- Total turnout for the 95 contesting constituencies in the regional election was 36.5%
- The region with lowest turnout: Khomas with 23.2%
- The region with highest turnout: Kunene with 56.4%
- The constituency with lowest turnout: Moses //Garoeb (Khomas) with 15.2%
- The constituency with highest turnout: Linyanti (Zambezi) with 70.5%

Live Blog-22-11-2015 13:08

Watch out for the live blog resuming on Thursday November 26 2015 in anticipation of the local and regional elections on November 27. Results service and commentary to follow as results are released from late on the 27th and over the following weekend.

Live Blog-03-12-2014

Dec 2 2014: Although the national turnout out figure is 72%, there are a number of constituencies with over 100% turnout or almost 100% turnout. Most are in the far north of the country. This is possible due to the tendered votes system which allows Namibian voters to cast their ballots anywhere in the country and not just in their home constituency. In the interests of transparency, Election Watch is requesting the ECN to release the number of tendered votes cast in each constituency.

Live Blog-28-11-2014

Polling stations open in a few minutes at 7h00 … You can find the list of polling stations under the Key Documents section on this website.

Live Blog-27-11-2014

2014 Election Fact Sheet

Who is being voted for?: There will be two polling booths - one for the Presidential election and another for the National Assembly election

No. of registered voters gazetted on 7th November 2014: 1, 241, 194 (One million, two hundred and forty one thousand, one hundred and ninety four)

No. of National Assembly Seats at stake: 96 (Previously 72)

Electoral System: Proportional Representation (PR) - Party List system

Polling stations: open from 7h00 to 21h00

No. of Constituencies: 121 (you can vote in any constituency)

Live Blog-16-12-2009

Citing “serious irregularities” nine of the political parties that contested November’s Presidential and National Assembly elections have approached the High Court to have the recent election results independently audited.

The nine parties’ application will be heard in the High Court on Friday, December 18, on an urgent basis.

Live Blog-14-12-2009

The RDP and its co-complainants have 30 days from December 4 2009 (when the official results were announced) to lodge their case against the election result. Thereafter the court should resolve the matter within 60 days.

Live Blog-06-12-2009

The RDP has issued a statement (see below). It doesn't say much, but it does seem we can expect a court case in the next week.

Live Blog-06-12-2009

There will be 19 new faces in the National Assembly, i.e people who have not served in parliament before. Will they add value to debates?

Live Blog-05-12-2009

Swapo, UDF, APP, RP, COD, Swanu all gained a seat each from the highest remainder formula (see schedule 4 of the Constitution below).

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