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Live Blog-05-12-2009

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The curse of small parties: viagra for women

You can get a seat in parliament for less than 1 percent of the vote. RP, CoD and Swanu are there because of that. I don't think this helps the opposition in the long run. It just encourages the small-time, regionalist, one person parties. Time for a 3% threshold. No seat in NA unless you get 3% of the national vote.

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Live Blog-05-12-2009


16 women among the 72 MPs. 15 on the Swapo benches and one (Agnes Limbo of RDP) on the opposition benches. That's 22%, siginficantly down on the previous NA, and a long way from the SADC target of 50% by 2015.

Live Blog-04-12-2009

These are the votes for the parties:
APP 10 795 (1 seat)
CP 810
CoD 5 375 (1 seat)
DPN 1 942
DTA 25 393 (2 seats)
MAG 4 718
NDMC 1 770
NDP 1 187
Nudo 24 422 (2 seats)
RDP 90 556 (8 seats)
RP 6 541 (1 seat)
Swanu 4 989 (1 seat)
Swapo 602 580 (54 seats)
UDF 19 489 (2 seats)

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