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Live Blog-06-12-2009

There will be 19 new faces in the National Assembly, i.e people who have not served in parliament before. Will they add value to debates?

1. Alpheus Muheua (President’s list)
2. Priscilla Beukes (President’s list)
3.Erastus Uutoni
4. Billy Mwaningange (President’s list)
5. Lucia Witbooi (President’s list)
6. Auguste Xoagus (President’s list)
7. Uahekua Herunga (President’s list)
8. Willem Isaack (President’s list)
9. Sylvia Makgone (President’s list)
10. David Namwandi
11. Piet van der Walt
12. Elifas Dingara
13.Festus Ueitele

1. Steve Bezuidenhoudt

2. Agnes Limbo
3. Peter Naholo
4. Heiko Luckas


UDF - Simson Tjongarero

Swanu - Usutuaije Maamberua





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