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Live Blog-06-12-2009

The RDP has issued a statement (see below). It doesn't say much, but it does seem we can expect a court case in the next week.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of RDP would like to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to the people of Namibia  for conducting themselves in a peaceful and mature manner during the Presidential and National Assembly elections held on the from 27 to 28th November 2009.  Special thanks go to RDP members in general and RDP activists in particular who worked tirelessly to spread the message of hope and change.

Equally, the NEC would like to thank all its members, supporters and sympathizers who cast their votes for the RDP despite the extensive incidents of intimidations, threats and physical violence perpetrated by the supporters of the ruling party, SWAPO. Nevertheless, we fought a good battle.  The fight for true democracy and progress has just begun and the NEC appeals to its members and supporters to remain calm and support our stand in defence of our democracy.

To those who have made themselves guilty of manipulating the electoral process, thereby denying the people of Namibia a fair, transparent and credible election, must rest assured that the last word has not been said. 

The RDP does not accept the rigged National Assembly and Presidential election results. A joint press statement has been issued by the opposition parties to the nation and the world at large to inform the nation of our total rejection of the sham results. The parties have instructed their legal team to institute a court case against the ECN for contravening Namibia’s electoral law.

As you have been faithful to the cause of justice and democracy throughout the campaign, remain firm to that cause. You have made a good name of yourself as people who are peace loving and committed to bring about a bright future for our nation. So, remain confident that the Almighty God is with you in this battle for justice to dwell in our land.

We thank you all and together we can do better!!!!



Issued by the National Executive Committee of the RDP

Windhoek, 5th December 2009. 



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