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Live Blog-14-12-2009

The RDP and its co-complainants have 30 days from December 4 2009 (when the official results were announced) to lodge their case against the election result. Thereafter the court should resolve the matter within 60 days.

According to the Electoral Act, any court application disputing the result of an election has to be lodged with the registrar of the court within 30 days of the election result being declared.  Within ten days of the case being lodged, the application and a certificate from the registrar of the court indicating that the complainant has paid a security deposit for the costs of the case will be served on the respondent, in this case expected to be the Electoral Commission of Namibia and possibly other elected parties who are not among the complainants.

The trial of every election application shall take place before one judge, unless the Judge President directs the trial to take place before two or more judges of the court. An election application shall be heard in open court and shall be determined within 60 days from the date of the presentation of the application to the registrar of the court or within a longer period if special circumstances apply. If corrupt and illegal practices are believed to have taken place during an election, the court will refer such evidence to the Prosecutor General.


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