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Updated 21h00, Nov 29. Official results from Namibia’s Regional and Local elections are now available on www.ecn.na. The following excerpts from the Election Watch Namibia Facebook page reflect results picked up by FB members and are not necessarily official.


Overall Swapo did very well at these elections: yet there are three factors they should probably be concerned about: Their failure to make headway in Kunene despite using all their incumbency advantages; the low turnout which indicates there are still plenty of apathetic citizens whose votes are up for grabs; and the loss of Windhoek East to a more organised and energetic candidate.


For the opposition, there were few encouraging signs from this election. The RDP failed to gain traction following their 2009 debut, the CoD slumped while the DTA did better in traditional strongholds. Nudo held firm in the east but showed little capacity for expansion. The UDF had mixed results: poor in Erongo, but indications of a revival in Kunene.

Kunene remains the status quo. UDF do well to retain Kamanjab, while DTA hold on to Opuwo and Epupa. That means the balance of power is UDF 3, DTA 2, Swapo 1. Wonder if President Pohamba will impose a Swapo Governor or will respect the fact that Swapo remains in a minority in that particular region.

The Keetmanshoop Rural result which Swapo won over strong challenges from the RDP and DTA is another indication that opposition unity in several strategic constituencies could have made a difference

Did the RP merger bring obvious benefits to the RDP? The Nkurenkuru local authority result would tend to indicate 'no'. Before the RP had one seat there, but now all the seats belong to Swapo.

Huge wins for Swapo across most of the north, including all seats in Kavango. The following is typical: in the Ongongo Constituency of the Omusati region Swapo won with 5 746 votes against the RDP (43) and CoD (12). It appears that RDP has very little support in rural areas of the north.

Swapo’s Margaret Mensah-Williams is still the Councillor for Khomasdal North with 2 746 against the RDP's 1 053 votes.


UDF hang on to Sesfontein with 1 344 votes to Swapo's 1 250, so the fate of Kunene is still in play.


RDP supporters will take some cheer from a win in Windhoek East. Nic Kruger takes it from incumbent Rosalia Sibiya with 1 836 votes to 1 706. So far that is the only RDP win I have heard of in a Regional Council seat.


Reho Urban East stays Swapo. Wonder if RDP will lose Reho Urban West (a seat they claimed in 2009)?


Very close call in Daures: Swapo 1 394 votes, UDF 1 371 votes. Swapo has gained about 500 votes since 2004 and UDF has lost 500 votes. Anyone know what the factors were that caused this turnaround? If Nudo and RDP had stood down for the UDF candidate it may have been a different story. Nudo got 207 votes and RDP 105.


Windhoek West: Swapo 3 090 votes, RDP 1 852 votes. Looks lower than the turnout of 2004 which was 29 percent.


The UDF keep Khorixas gaining 2 454 votes, while Swapo got 1 595 votes. The party will still hope that it can hold on to Daures and Sesfontein. If the 2009 results are the trend, they have already lost Kamanjab. The fate of Kunene is still unclear - maybe Swapo 3, opposition 3


Wonder how many local councillors CoD and DTA will get? Could be wipeout time...


What’s happening in Kavango? APP is coming a distant second to Swapo. For example, in Ndiyona Swapo received 3 210 votes while APP got 595 and RDP 217. Swapo vote down from 5 870 last time (2004). APP seems to have scooped up DTA vote in the region which has collapsed. Similar result for Kapako where Swapo got 3 690 votes, followed by APP with 548 votes.


RDP challenge fizzles out in Tsumeb. Swapo 2 630 to RDP's 587 votes

Ditto in Grootfontein where the RDP did slightly better gaining 1 257 votes to Swapo's 2 978. This will translate into a few seats on the town council for the RDP if the same voting pattern applies to the LA election. What's the betting that Swapo looks at the ward system again? They trounce the opposition in FPTP races and certainly Elijah Ngurare is a vocal critic of PR


Swapo wins Gibeon constituency with 1 052 votes, independent candidate Hendrik Gariseb gets 368 votes, and the RDP 318.

Swapo squeaks in at Karibib with 1 498 votes compared to the UDF's 1 313 votes. The UDF vote holds up there (Swapo was a more comfortable winner last time). Will it in Daures, which Swapo is very hopeful of winning?


In the Elim constituency, Swapo Party candidate Gerhard Shiimi won 3 373 votes, Chrispus Shikalepo of CoD received 33 votes and Abner Uunona of the RDP got 16 votes.


In the Oshikuku constituency, the Swapo Party candidate Modestus Amutse obtained 2 853 votes, while the RDPs Magdalena Kafula got 15 votes and Ebba Kandenge of the CoD claimed six votes.

Swapo retained the three constituencies of Onesi, Oshikuku and Elim in the Omusati region. The ECN announced that Swapo's candidate for the Onesi constituency election, Titus Kanyele, garnered a whopping 3 517 votes, while the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP)'s Matias Kativa and the Congress of Democrats (CoD)'s Henock Haindongo could only claim 30 and eight votes, respectively.


Swapo Party's candidate Keetmanshoop Urban, Hilma Nikanor has retained her seat as regional councillor with 1 525 votes. RDP's Peter John Visser got 871 votes.


Swapo was comfortable winner in Reho Rural with opposition vote split between the new Rehoboth party and RDP. Wonder what that means for the RDP's hold on Reho Urban West?

Unverified Results For Swakopmund Local Authority

Swapo Party _____ 6 Seats (Full Seats) (retained all seats)
SRA ____________ 1 Seat (Full Seat) (retained all seats)
UDF ____________ 1 Seat (Full Seat) (Lost 1 seat to NUDO or RDP)
RDP ____________ 1 Seat ( First Highest Remainder) (Gained 1 Seat)
Nudo ___________ 1 Seat (Second Highest Remainder) (Gained 1 Seat)

COD Lost 1 Seat to Either Nudo or RDP

Swakopmund Regional Council
Swapo’s Germina Shitaleni 66.8 % You are first passed the Finish Line
RDP Candidate 33.2%

Interesting! Baines Shopping Centre Pollling station [in Windhoek West]. Regional Swapo 293 votes; RDP 324 votes and local authority SWAPO 255 votes , RDP 289 votes

If it's true the Opuwo has gone from DTA to Swapo then Kunene could well go to Swapo as well. At the moment it looks like Swapo will gain RC seats beyond its existing 96. Might be something of a north-south split developing to' with many smaller settlements in south remaining in opposition hands.

Rundu Rural East , Swapo-Party's Michael Sikongo won with 1 685 votes, APP's Berthold Kudumo second with 549 votes; RDP's Anna Munungi 110 votes, DTA Haingura Lindange 70 votes. Indications that APP won't get RC seats, but will get a few on the local authority in Rundu.

NBC now reporting some results: Karasburg Swapo 1577, RDP 839, DPN 364. Omaruru Swapo 1102, RDP 570, UDF 398, CoD 96. Swapo's candidate in Karasburg wins despite facing corruption charges

Swapo-Party's Bernard Sibalatani has won Katima Mulilo Urban with 2 535 votes. RDP's candidate Sikumba Sikumba 500 votes - reposted from Peter Mietzner

Swapo retains the Mukwe Constituency. SWAPO 3774, APP 784, DTA 414, RDP 117.

APP fails in Rundu Rural West: Rundu Rural West constituency, Swapo-Party's Rosa Kavara 3 537 votes. APP's Herbert Shihwameni second with 951 votes, while RDP's candidate Moses Nyundu third with 351 votes.

NBC reporting that Nudo retain Otjinene. Swapo retain Katima Rural and Katima Urban constituencies and if I understand the NBC correctly RDP has gained one seat on the KM Town Council.

According to NBC ticker Swapo has taken control of Omaruru town council. Previously no party was in overall control. Swapo also won the Regional Council seat there. Omaruru is a UDF loss and an indication that the UDF's hold on places like Sesfontein and Kamanjab is shaky.

Cletius Sipapela (SWAPO) won Linyanti constituency election with 2 964 votes. RDP's Vista Kabunga 920 votes.

Kalahari constituency. Swapo-Party's candidate Ignatius Gariseb 241 votes, the RDP candidate Alfons Serogwe 50 votes; DTA candidate Paul Thataone 74 votes.


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