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Extract from the speech of President Hifikepunye Pohamba at the opening of parliament on February 17 2009

Since this is an election year, I wish to say a few things about the need to promote tolerance and socio-political stability in our country. I reiterate the need to ensure that all political activities, prior to, during and after the elections, are carried out in a peaceful manner. As a matter of fact, political activities and other forms of social interaction among citizens must be directed at promoting peace and strengthening our social fabric.
For thousands of our young people in Namibia, the Presidential and National Assembly
Elections will represent an historic moment. I am referring to the fact that many of those who were born in the post-independence era will cast their votes in a General Election for the very first time in their lives.
Their participation in these elections is an indication that, although our democracy is still young, it is slowly, but surely maturing. I therefore call upon all our youth who have attained voting age to register and vote in November. This generation of Namibians who were born in liberty and did not experience the brutality of the apartheid oppression represents a new hope and a brighter future for our country.

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