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1,241,194 register to vote

With the election scheduled for the 28th of November 2014, the Electoral Commission of Namibia has confirmed the number of registered voters expected to participate during the Presidential and National Assembly elections. Majority of people registered are young people between the ages of 18-32 (45.50%). After the supplementary registrations of voters which took place from the 8-20 September 2014, the amount of registered voters stood at 1,277,578 of which 36,384 were removed because they were duplications or had died. This brought the amount of registered voters to 1,241,194.
Khomas region, containing the capital city Windhoek, has the highest number of registered voters, with a total of 231,516 (19% of total). This is no surprise, with the region having the highest population in the country. The Samora Machel constituency in Windhoek registered the highest number of voters with a total of 40,268, followed by the Moses //Garoeb constituency with 36,444. Overall, the remaining constituencies in the region registered more the 10 thousand voters each, with 10,889 registered voters in Windhoek Rural being the lowest. The Omusati region registered the second highest number of voters with 135,693. The Outapi and Etayi constituencies registered the highest number of voters with a total of 21,459 and 15,460 respectively. The Otamanzi constituency registered the lowest, with a total of 6,901 voters.
The sparsely populated Regions of Zambezi and Omaheke registered the lowest number of voters, with the highest number of registered voters in Zambezi region being 12,262 in the Katima Mulilo Urban constituency, while in the Omaheke region the highest number of registered voters was recorded to be 12,991 in the Gobabis constituency. The regions further recorded among the lowest voters registration outcome with 3,466 voters registered in Kabbe constituency of the Zambezi region and 3,534 registered in the Epukiro constituency of the Omaheke region.
From the registered voters for this year’s Presidential and National Assembly’s elections, 45.50% are young people between the ages of 18-32. Some 21.34% or 264,982 of registered voters are ‘born-frees’(born after 21, March 1990). The rest of the total registered voters is comprised of those born before 1929, 0.67%, the so-called ‘Silent Generation’ (born 1925-1944) 5.26%, ‘Baby Boomers’ (1945-1964) 16.14%, ‘Generation X’ (1965-1981) 32.44%, and ‘Generation Y’ (1982-Present) 45.50%.
Statistically, the Namibian population comprises of more women than men. Women in Namibia make up about 51 percent of the population, while men make up 49 percent. As a result the number of registered female (657,751) voters for the Presidential and National Assembly Election is more the number of registered male voters (583,443). The Northern regions such as Kavango East, Kavango West, Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto and Zambezi registered more female voters than their male counterparts. All the other remaining regions registered more male voters than the female registered voters. The Omusati region with the total of 135,693 registered voters had a total of 82,541 female registered voters and only 53,152 registered male voters. However, male registered voters are ahead in the Khomas region, where from a total of 231,519 registered voters, 117,232 men were registered as compared to 114,284 female voters.

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