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Live Blog-27-11-2014

2014 Election Fact Sheet

Who is being voted for?: There will be two polling booths - one for the Presidential election and another for the National Assembly election

No. of registered voters gazetted on 7th November 2014: 1, 241, 194 (One million, two hundred and forty one thousand, one hundred and ninety four)

No. of National Assembly Seats at stake: 96 (Previously 72)

Electoral System: Proportional Representation (PR) - Party List system

Polling stations: open from 7h00 to 21h00

No. of Constituencies: 121 (you can vote in any constituency)

No. of polling stations: 3966- 1255 fixed and 2711 mobile

No. of trained polling officials: The ECN began the training of 12,400 officials beginning on 19th November 2014. In total there will be over 13,000 ECN officials working on November 28

List of Parties:
All People's Party (APP)
Christian Democratic Voice (CDV)
Congress of Democrats (CoD)
Democratic Party of Namibia (DPN)
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia (DTA)
Monitor Action Group (MAG)
Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF)
National Democratic Party (NDP)
National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO)
Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP)
Republican Party of Namibia (RP)
South West African National Union (SWANU)
Swapo Party of Namibia (SWAPO)
United Democratic Front (UDF)
The United People's Movement of Namibia (UPM)

List of Presidential Candidates:
Ignatius Shixwameni APP
Ben Ulenga CoD
McHenry Venaani DTA
Epafras Jan Mukwilongo NEFF
Hidipo Hamutenya RDP
Henry Ferdinand Mudge RP
Asser Mbai NUDO
Usutuaije Maamberua SWANU
Hage Geingob SWAPO

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