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Voters' registers on display

The provisional national voters’ register and provisional local authority voters’ register are on display at constituency offices countrywide, among other places, until Friday, September 25. The full list of places where the list is available for inspection in office hours is listed under the Key Documents section of this website (see the Government Gazette that was issued on September 16). Voters can check their details are correct. If there are the names of people who are not entitled to vote or errors on the registers objections can be made. Unfortunately, there is no online version of the voters' registers available for checking.
Voters have the opportunity to inspect the register with a view to correcting any mistakes that may have been made during the registration process. Members of the public can also object to the inclusion of the names of persons who are not supposed to appear on the voters’ register. Officials at all designated venues will guide voters and stakeholders during the inspection.

In addition to the designated display venues, the public may also view the provisional voters’ register at the ECN’s headquarters at Election House, 67-71 Van Rhijn Street, Windhoek. Towards the end of November voters will go to the polls to elect new regional and local councillors to serve for the next five years. The exact date of the election has not yet been confirmed.
Section 31 of the Electoral Act, dealing with the preparation and publication of provisional voters’ registers, obliges the ECN to issue a notice in the Government Gazett specifying the places where the registers are available for inspection. The ECN must also avail, upon request, to every registered political party copies of the provisional national voters’ register and provisional local authority voters’ register.
Any registered voter, party or organisation can lodge an objection to the inclusion of a name on a register to the Electoral Tribunal if they feel the person should not be registered according to the law - for example if they are a foreigner or under 18. Objections can also be lodged regarding misspellings and other mistakes on the registers or a duplication of names

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