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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequent questions Election Watch has received about the November 27 elections. The answers are provided by Election Watch in consultation with the Electoral Commission of Namibia

What am I voting for in the upcoming election?
At the elections taking place on November 27 2015 registered voters will elect their local authority and regional council representatives.

What do the Regional Councils do?
Regional Councils undertake the planning of the development of the region. Every Council should strive to promote development in the region to improve the living conditions of its residents. Their tasks include, among others, developing the economic potential of the region and developing infrastructure such as water, electricity and transport networks.
During the election, voters will vote for the candidate they believe will help to develop their constituency most capably and effectively. This is done through the first past the post system, where the candidate with the most votes wins. Each Regional Council is made up of councilllors from each constituency within that region. During the first sitting of the Regional Council, the members will elect three councillors to represent the region in the National Council.

What is the role of local authorities?
Local authority councils include all municipalities, town councils and village councils. These councils are tasked with managing and maintaining the area for which they are established and which they represent. Their tasks include, for example, the provision of water and waste removal.
During the Local Authority election, you will vote for the political party of your choice. This party will appoint its representatives to the local authority on the proportional list system.

Is November 27 a public holiday?
Yes polling day has been declared a public holiday.

How long will the polling stations be open for?
They open at 7h00 and close at 21h00. You need to be in the queue at a polling station by 21h00 to be able to vote.

What assurances will I have that my vote will be secret?
The voting is done in accordance with Section 99 of the Electoral Act, which emphasises that voting is by secret ballot.

How will the tendered vote be accommodated/dealt with?
Tendered votes do not apply to the Local Authority and Regional Council Elections. This means voters have to vote at a polling station in the constituencies where they are registered and in the local authority area where they are registered.

Is the use of mobile phones, tablet computers or cameras allowed in the polling station or voting booth?
The Electoral Act is silent on the use of these devices. However voters and officials are encouraged to switch off their phones in the polling station and the use of these devices is discouraged.

What do I need to produce at a polling station to demonstrate eligibility to vote?
Voters must present their voter card issued by the Electoral Commission of Namibia during the general registration of voters in 2014 or the supplementary registration of voters in 2015. For the Regional Councils and Local Authorities’ elections, you must be in your constituency or local authority area where you were registered as a voter in order to vote.

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